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Our Story

HEM Virtual Open House 2021-2022

Hammond Eastside Magnet School


Hammond Eastside Magnet School

Our Mission Statement: Hammond Eastside Magnet School empowers students to become internationally minded and compassionate citizens who reflect on local and global challenges and actively contribute to peaceful resolutions. Through inquiry-based learning, students make conceptual connections which are engaging, relevant, challenging, and significant to lifelong learning.

Hammond Eastside  Magnet School (HEM) serves students in grades PreK through 8. We educate the whole child and provide a comprehensive, inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning while incorporating local, state, and national curriculum requirements.

Transdisciplinary units reflect real life by encouraging learning within and beyond traditional subjects with meaningful, in-depth inquiries into relevant local, community and worldwide issues.

Beginning in first grade, students develop basic Spanish skills. At all grade levels, specialists in physical education and visual and performing arts promote balance, communication and creativity. Our visual and performing arts program is based upon proven research that instruction in the arts enhances brain development and produces strong academic students. 

At Hammond Eastside, I show integrity, confidence, and curiosity in learning. CHANGE begins with me! My Possibilities are Endless!