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Critical Shortage and Certifying Positions


DEADLINE:       June 30, 2023

The Tangipahoa Parish School System (TPSS) is now accepting applications for the following:



SALARY:          $45,800 - $63,499     (Based on degree and verified years of relevant experience)


CRITERIA:         CERTIFIED TEACHERS: Must currently hold a valid Louisiana Teaching certificate in one of

                          the certification areas: English, Special Education , Mathematics, Spanish or Science per

                          Louisiana Department of Education requirements.

                          SPEECH THERAPISTS, ET AL:  Certification per Louisiana Department of Education Bulletin


Applications for this position will only be accepted through the Unified Talent website.  Paper applications and/or email scanned attachment(s) will not be accepted or processed for consideration.  The Unified Talent online portal can be accessed two ways:

·         TPSS website ( - Click EMPLOYMENT; or

·         Unified Talent website: (

Submit your application through the Unified Talent portal before the deadline of June 30, 2023 even if a previous paper application is on file with TPSS Human Resources.  Previous paper or email applications will not be considered. 


The Tangipahoa Parish School System is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disability.

DATE ADVERTISEMENT POSTED:          July 1, 2022

Accomplished Young Artist Nominated for 2023 U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts

The U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts nominees are actors, dancers, singers, songwriters, classical musicians, photographers, filmmakers, visual artists, designers and writers. Khalil McKnight is one of 60 nominees, who stem from 21 states across the country. During his time at National YoungArts Week, Khalil had the opportunity to attend master classes and workshops, during which he was further evaluated for his nomination to the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program.

Khalil's application will now be reviewed by the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars, where 20 of the nominees will be recognized as U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts for their academic and artistic accomplishments, demonstrated leadership, community service and outreach initiatives, and overall creativity.

We are #TangiProud of Khalil and wish him the best as he moves forward.

The 2023 U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts will be announced in the coming months. For additional information, please visit:


McKnight Artist Statement

My work centers around the idea of police brutality and the inescapability of racial stereotypes. Inspired by Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, I depict myself in situations where I’m either unable to be recognized as an individual, or am only recognized by the clothing I wear. Unfit to free myself from the shackles of prejudice, I look into the eyes of viewers, pleading to them, yet showing acceptance by my disposition to the inevitability of my oppression. Black hoodies and the naked, vulnerable, body are a common motif throughout my work. The juxtaposition between clothed and unclothed ironically illustrate how stereotypes strip us of our unique identities and force us to conform to society’s ideals of the black male. 


About YoungArts

Established in 1981 by Lin and Ted Arison, YoungArts identifies exceptional young artists, amplifies their potential, and invests in their lifelong creative freedom. YoungArts provides space, funding, mentorship, professional development and community throughout artists’ careers. Entrance into this prestigious organization starts with a highly competitive application for talented artists ages 15–18, or grades 10–12, in the United States that is judged by esteemed discipline-specific panels of artists through a rigorous blind adjudication process.



The Redhead Method - Social Media Education

RSVP to Attend

TPSS Parents/Guardians,

My name is Kati Morse LeBreton, and I'm the digital professional behind The Redhead Method: Social Media Education. This letter is to inform you that I have proudly partnered with Tangipahoa Parish Schools to present my custom education series to YOU!

This program provides parents/guardians with the skills they need to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. The Redhead Method will challenge you to think critically about how and why we use social media. By introducing the concept of the "digital reputation", I will help you (and ultimately, your family) understand that these accounts are tools, not toys.

Over the course of three sessions (two virtual, one in-person) we will discuss how to:

  • facilitate healthy conversations about social media
  • understand why/how relationships with technology greatly differ between age groups
  • understand the concept of a #DigitalReputation
  • achieve a more comprehensive understanding of the social media landscape and how
  • accounts are seen/tracked
  • and more!

Heads up! Several sensitive topics will be discussed during these sessions. *These sessions are for adults only.*

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

6 PM – 7:15 PM

Southeastern Louisiana University's Student Union Theater


RSVP to Attend