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RKM Counseling

Lori Werther, RKM Counselor

Lori Werther, LPC

RKM School-Based Counseling Services 

Tangipahoa Parish Public Schools and Primary Care Providers for a Healthy Feliciana, (PCPFHF),  a federally qualified health center, have partnered together in a unique collaboration to provide behavioral health support to students and families in Tangipahoa Parish.  Through providing qualified and licensed social workers and counselors within the school setting, Tangipahoa Parish’s goal is to enhance the supports of its children and their families to decrease disciplinary action and improve educational outcomes.  

How Does This Service Work? 

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Counselor is available at various schools in the parish to work with the school administration, faculty, staff, families and most importantly the students to provide counseling services to address behavioral concerns.  This social worker/counselor will: 

  • Obtain the appropriate consent from parents to work with their child.
  • Conduct a uniform screening and Assessment. 
  • Design an appropriate treatment and intervention plan tailored for the student’s need
  • Collaborate with other healthcare providers with proper releases to ensure comprehensive healthcare.
  • Make referrals and recommendations to other community resources as appropriate.

What issues may be addressed? 

School Social Worker/Counselor will provide prevention, intervention, and crisis response tailored specifically for the student on the following issues:   

  • Coping with Stress · Anger Management    · Conflict Resolution       · Social Skills     · Family Issues  
  • Divorce · Parenting       · Grief/Loss Issues         · Medical Issues             · Mental Health Issues 
  • Parent Education · Psychiatric Issues         · Relationship Concerns  · School-Related Concerns  
  • Absences and truancy · Academic Achievement            · Bullying          · Misbehavior 
  • School Avoidance · Tardiness        · Underachievement      · Motivational concerns   
  • Substance Abuse